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Suni was born in Washington DC and raised in Fairfax County, Virginia. She attended Robinson High School where she was a stand-out athlete. During her summers in High School, Suni enrolled in Outward Bound Schools in North Carolina, Hurricane Island, Maine, New Mexico and Colorado seeking rigorous mental and physical challenges. At 18, she climbed three 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado and in addition did a moonlight ascent of the Mount of the Holy Cross.

She attended The University of Colorado in Boulder her first year undergrad thinking that she would become a professional ski instructor; however, her passion for academic challenges overtook her passion for outdoor challenges, and she transferred to the University of Virginia where she studied government and history and graduated with distinction. She played varsity softball at UVa. Suni also studied at the University of Oslo in Norway.

Suni attended the University of Virginia School of Law where she was the first woman Head Commissioner of the law school’s North Grounds Softball League. After law school Suni worked for Cummings and Lockwood, a premier law firm in Stamford, Connecticut, where she was a litigation associate. Suni relocated to Virginia and became a member of the Virginia State Bar in 1988. After a short stint with her father and uncles’s firm of Mackall, Mackall, Walker and Gibb in Fairfax, Virginia, Suni moved out to the Shenandoah Valley and began working for the law firm of Hazel and Thomas.

At Hazel and Thomas, Suni mentored with Bill Chapman and began her practice in high end criminal defense working on multiple homicide cases. When Hazel and Thomas dissolved, Suni partnered with Mike Hobert in Clarke County until she was recruited by Paul Thomson, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Winchester, to work as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney.

In 1998, Suni was appointed by the judges of the 26th Judicial Circuit to be the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Clarke County to fulfill the unexpired term of Geoffrey Cole. She was Commonwealth’s Attorney from 1998 until she retired in March of 2017.

As Commonwealth’s Attorney, Suni successfully prosecuted over 15 homicide cases and multiple vehicular manslaughter cases, six figure white collar embezzlement cases, thousands of DUI’s and misdemeanor cases and even more drug cases.

In her personal life, Suni has three children and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. She is also a US Masters competitive swimmer and amateur playwright. Her partner is Elizabeth Pratt of Washington, D.C.


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